This choose-your-own adventure/demise series had more laughs than I could count. D&D Beyond If Henry chooses to escape in a tank and give Reginald to the military, Henry is pardoned for all his crimes and is set free. Henry has two choices: He can take control of the Airship for himself, or give the military Reginald, as promised. Fleeing the Complex, released in 2015, had the series return to a jailbreak adventure, albeit a more expanded adventure compared to Prison with its 5 endings and 60 unique fails. Using a Magic Hat, Henry manages to get onto the train without being spotted. The route opens with two Government soldiers in a tavern somewhere in a snowy tundra. Using a retro light gun, Henry kills the four Toppats with ease and continues his escape. Charles notices a vent, where the two crawl through it. Burt Curtis mentions that the space station missed completely, annoying Reginald who laments with their investment on such an ineffective defence system. Henry Stickmin is the titular main protagonist of the Henry Stickmin series. Soon, the soldiers shoot down the bird, sending Henry to the ground. Henry very often uses h… Unfortunately, Henry sets off an alarm, causing the soldiers to notice that Henry is turning his back on them. Unfortunately, he falls from the vent into a heavily guarded area. Reginald sends Ellie and the Right Hand Man to the rocket, while he and Henry stay behind to initiate the launch sequence. The Stickmin Pet Bundle includes 2 Pets that resemble Henry and Ellie from the Henry Stickmin franchise (also made by Innersloth). In endings where Henry is allied with the Toppat Clan, Henry and Thomas are allies. He finds an open window and jumps out, somehow ending on top of the train car. Henry punches and pushes Sal off the scooter and goes for the rocket. After escaping The Wall, Henry and Ellie head to the Toppat Launch Site. The same start-up as CA, except now Henry leaves Ellie behind and continues on his own through the vent. The Henry universe is a copy of real world but better fitting with stick figures. Charles then uses a loud horn to startle Sven, dropping his gun. In Rapidly Promoted Executive, and all it’s CtM paths, Henry enjoys being the leader of the Toppats, but doesn’t realize how jealous Reginald is of him, except for in The Betrayed path. Failure! Sometimes, he is dumb and thoughtless, which has led to his incarcerations. Their preparations are interrupted when the Government launches an assault on the launch site. Alongside the re-releases was the final instalment in the series—a brand new episode entitled Completing the Mission, which puts the opposing factions in a head-on conflict, and contains 16 different endings and 164 unique fails. The zeroth of the series was the two prototypes, The Bridge and Crossing the Pit, published by PuffballsUnited in 2007. At the jungle base, General Galeforce is surprised to find Henry and Ellie in alliance with his forces, considering that both are wanted convicts, alongside Henry's betrayal during the Airship mission. Escaping the Prison: Arrested for the attempted burglary of the bank, he now sits in Red Mesa Penitentiary. When they arrive, they shoot a drill pod with 3 thugs and Henry's scooter inside at the cafeteria. On the outskirts of the launch base, Henry races towards the rocket using his scooter and finds the entrance blocked by a boom barrier, with Kayn West on patrol. Looking up into the sky, he finds solace in witnessing Reginald die in front of him, having finally exacted his revenge. Charles then attacks Jack and throws Henry back into the pod. He finds that there is a Toppat Meeting and uses glue on his hands to climb on the ceiling to the other room undetected. Henry summons the Nano-Suit, which forms around his body. New page: : Add Video Add Image Breaking the back is the first game in the Henry Stickman Series. He then wields his assault rifle and aims it at Henry. In the process, Henry's blade breaks. Henry naturally plans an escape. The tank almost reaches to the rocket door, allowing Henry to dismount and barely make the jump. To escape from them with the money cart, Henry activates an inflatable raft in front of the money cart, launching him and the cart into the river. Now caught between three factions, Henry and Ellie must choose who to side with or try and escape alone, and ultimately decide to side with the Toppats. This is where he begins to show off his iconic failures. Learning that Henry had single-handedly deterred the Government from launching an assault on the Toppats, Reginald praises Henry and declares that the future is bright for the Clan now that Henry is in charge. Henry wakes up in a cell on board of the Toppat Orbital Station. Henry and Ellie signal to Reginald and Right Hand Man, who toss them assault rifles, allowing them to fire on Dmitri and Grigori. Reginald informs Henry that the Clan went along with the plan to launch the Toppat Orbital Station into space. The rocket entrance closes as Henry rolls into the Storage Bay. Being a Pure Blooded Thief and all, it's hard not to find himself in some sticky situations. Henry's primary trait is his selfish greed. In endings where Henry is allied with the government, Henry and Galeforce are allies. Charles comes to greet and congratulate Henry in person, so does General Galeforce. Reginald retreats to his private escape pod, only to launch straight at Henry. Henry lunges forward, screams STICKMIN PAWNCH!!! Henry and Ellie, having recently escaped from the Wall, are picked up by Charles from the outskirts of The Wall, and the three quickly become close buddies due to Ellie being a friend Henry's, which Charles claims that any friend of Henry's is a friend of his. Henry Stickman Games Henry is known to be very clumsy, which results in his hilarious failures which is what most people love about him, however he always seems to get in a lot of trouble.Being a Pure Blooded Thief and all, it's hard not to find himself in some sticky situations. When John was vaporized by Right Hand Man, Henry avenged him by defeating the Right Hand Man. The energy released from the punches obliterates the Right Hand Man's body, leaving only his cybernetic legs intact. He also uses much of "Gadget Gabe" technology, which is very advanced, such as teleporters, opacitators, liquidizers, and transdimensionalizers. There are several scenes in which Henry says a few words, but it's never a full sentence. He can use zero-point energy and also has lots of accessibility to many types of technology. He frequently makes silly and outright mindless decisions, which is usually what leads to his many incarcerations. Reginald is able to catch Henry in time, but then floats the idea of betrayal to reclaim his position as Toppat Leader. Henry then uses a vacuum to suck up the door (and the guard as well) and jumps in. He can assist his cellmate, Ellie, in their escape from the Wall. The two engage in a fight where Henry shifts his hand into a lance, while the Right Hand Man transmutes his into a colossal blade. The two are dismissed. Charles reunites with Henry at a tavern in the middle of a snowy tundra. However, they later became allies after Henry agrees to assist Rupert and Galeforce in taking down the notorious Toppat Clan. As they leave, Henry opens the box to find a cake that opens up and has something inside of it. He often imagines himself to be epic and acts in a grandiose manner, but this cockiness usually makes him fail. In either of the "Government Supported Private Investigator" or "Relentless Bounty Hunter" endings from ItA, and/or "International Rescue Operative" from FtC, he will be working with Charles and the Government. There, he notices two soldiers chatting with each other, forcing Henry to hide. Opens his eyes, and the items on the parachute are about to kill him. It was directed by James Cameron, produced by Village Roadshow Pictures and Cartoon Network and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, with animation provided by Rough Draft Studios in California and South Korea. Minutes later, another armoured truck passes by and Henry begins to chase it. "Ummm....." - Henry after teleported with ", "Oww..." - Henry failed to break the door with ", "FALCON-" - Henry being burned to ash when attempting to use Falcon Kick in, "Eeenngh! In 'Breaking the Bank', Henry ties the knot from the inside of bag, which is not possible. Henry then uses a Y-Type Move. During the denouncement ceremony, Geoffrey Plumb and Thomas Chestershire voice their opposition to the change of leadership, only for the Right Hand Man to order any of Henry's loyalists to be sent to the airship brig. Using a Grapple Gun, Henry arrives on the edge of the plane among a door inside the airship. Henry Stickmin Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Bridge was a movie about a stick character trying to cross a bridge and failing, while Pit featured a simple stick character trying to cross a pit and all options resulting in a failure (falling into the pit). Arriving in an open bay door in the launch of a sticky hand, he pushes off a vault off the airship with him. After waking up on a military helicopter, Captain Galeforce's soldiers tell him that his skills from breaking banks, attempts of robbery, and escaping prison can be useful for taking down a group of thieves known as the Toppat Clan. This way, he reaches an elevator that takes him to The Yard. The guards think he is Smith, an unseen employee of The Wall, and that he sailed away to go back to his family. Upon arrival, Reginald Copperbottom inquiries Henry about his choice of transportation. They reach a jammed door, where they must find a way past. Wide and unique arsenal of weapons, as well as the government/a whole clan by his side., Chad Hansen: Fresh out of college. He then starts to skate on his arm restraints. The Right Hand Man recognizes Henry as the guy who stole their Ruby. He throws Henry off the Airship and into the ocean, to his death, but he is resurrected and turned into a cyborg by Dr. Vinschpinsilstien 10 hours later. - Henry fell down during ", "Whuh. He regains his balance and uses an Item Box from 'Mario Kart' to turn invisible. Seizing the moment, he clings on the Government helicopter's exterior for a ride to the Launch Site. When Henry puts on the disguise (actually just an empty money bag), he crawls into the bag, ties it from the inside and lies on the side of the road. The original version and the remastered version in the Henry Stickmin Collection might overlap. From there, Henry must get inside somehow He then waits Charles what to do, in which Charles decides that it is time for a bold action move. He is first seen attempting to rob a bank in the first game. Henry Stickmin (series), the entire Henry Stickmin series. The resulting conflict at the military base eventually notifies the Center for Chaos Containment to the scene. The G.A.B.E.G.G. As the main character, he is the only character to have appeared in every single game/episode of the series. On their way to the ground, they collide with the Toppat Leader and the Right Hand Man, unknowingly killing them both. Henry survives the whole ordeal and disembarks from the drop pod on Earth, now free from the Toppat Clan. Henry chooses to put on Power Armor (in reference to the 'Fallout' franchise) and uses it to destroy the airship's engines, falling down in style while the airship crashes. The game opens wihth Henryin prison due to his escapades in the first game. Although not very strong, Henry is extremely smart and resourceful, being able to escape prison with just one item from a contraband cake and other items he found lying around. Henry signals to Charles, who pilots his helicopter closer to the rocket, allowing Henry and Ellie to transfer. However, he has no intention to save Henry but instead gloats how he can now take control of the clan back. Henry and Ellie both appear to consider the other equally important, as, towards the end of Convict Allies, both of them had the chance to escape without the other after being captured by Dmitri, but instead, they both chose to save the other. Markiplier gave a positive review of the Collection, calling it an "incredible, hilarious game". Locating the airship, he ambushes Reginald-- now the Leader, who is immediately joined by his Right Hand Man, who is now also a cyborg. Despite being the main protagonist, he has the shortest and fewest lines in the entire series. - Henry attempting to use the. From there, Henry must find a way to get towards the orbital station undetected. Using jet packs, they fly towards the SAM turret, where they crash into it. (All GSPI routes, MBH, PP) Toppat Clan Reginald retaliates by shooting Henry's cybernetic spine, incapacitating him. Infiltrating the Airship: Captured by the Government, he’s been given the chance to clear his name by taking down the notorious Toppat Clan. Spotting an opportunity to reclaim power in the Clan, Reginald Copperbottom calls Henry out for his lack of honour and begins to rally his clanmates to the effort of overthrowing him from Clan leadership. Henry charge-tackles Grigori and smacks him into a wall. Using his cybernetic hand, Henry staples the Toppat Leader to the wall of the doomed aircraft to guarantee his demise. This is best seen when he breaks down after Charles sacrifices himself to save Henry. Now safe from the Toppats, Ellie transmutes the scrap legs into a rocket booster, allowing them to sail away with their payday. During the call, Icepick accidentally reveals parcels of information regarding the mission, causing an excited Henry to set course for the Toppat Launch Site, in an effort to steal the entire station. For the titular character, see Henry Stickmin. He attempts to stop Henry's drop pod from taking off, but it's no use-- the pod penetrates through the space station, striking their central core, and flies towards Earth. Overhearing this conversation, Henry intentionally bumps into the two Toppats and steals their plans. He falls down onto a subway train track. Henry decides his best way of entering is sneaking in. A truck from the local bank stops, and the drivers, Winston Davis and Ted McAdams thinking another group dropped it, collect the bag and haul it to the bank, depositing it in the vault. The Right Hand Man has also received cybernetic augmentations following his defeat to Henry. Once there, he uses a laser plane to cut a hole in the floor and reach the office below his cell, crushing the guard below. "Ahhhh!" Bios are a feature of The Henry Stickmin Collection, revealed on July 28th, 2020 in a Newgrounds post by PuffballsUnited. Fredrick Muenster is a member enforcer of the Toppat Clan, and a minor character appearing as a recurring minor antagonist in several pathways of Completing the Mission. But in Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits path, he recognizes Henry as the ruby thief, but he admits Henry's skills and says he and Ellie can join the Toppat Clan if Henry returns the Ruby. He also joins Henry's faction of the Toppat Clan in the Toppat Civil Warfare ending. They are planning to send a space station into orbit and they are going to succeed in getting away if they do so their goal is to stop them from launching it. Charles says that there is a place labelled "Records", and would probably be a good place to look. After he is gone, the window is sealed off. Henry lands on a music block and jumps up to the bridge normally Henry and Ellie reach the rocket, and they encounter Reginald Copperbottom and the Right Hand Man. The two end up inside a cannon attached to the helicopter. Having yet to be spotted, Henry must do something in order to not get detected and escape the car. When first meeting Henry, John refers to him as a "legend", showing that John holds a lot of respect for Henry. Now cutting the upper part of the cell door, Before another "Click!" As the guard looks away to get the penny, Henry quickly dashes through the door behind the guard. She helps Henry reach a hatch in the ceiling that leads to a ventilation shaft, after which he helps her get into the shaft as well. In some, he is shown to be physically weak, being incapable of taking people in a fight without his tactics or gadgets, whereas in others, he successfully takes people out with one punch (an example being Sven Svensson in Special BROvert Ops, and the Right-Hand Man in Master Bounty Hunter by using a low-effort combo.). The namesake protagonist of the games, aka episodes, Henry Stickmin. An inebriated soldier brags to his colleague about their so-called "surprise" impending assault on the Toppat Launch Site, before being berated by another colleague about the urgency of the mission. This buys Henry and Charles some time. Claiming that he was going to hunt Henry down after getting setup, the Right Hand Man gives Henry a chance to defend himself. He appears as a minor antagonist in Triple Threat and Master Bounty Hunter, the tertiary antagonist of Free Man and a minor character in the other pathways.. Even with the opportuntiy to clear his criminal record and gain a full pardon, he still abandons his mission to rob the toppats of their jewels, remaining as a criminal. From the other vehicles, Toppat Members open fire on them. During the recruitment ceremony, some Toppats display a grudge towards the two. Charles needs to get Henry onboard before the rocket launches. Despite the universal praise, some have noted the frequency of frame rate issues and crashes in fullscreen mode, though this will likely be fixed in future updates. Every game in the series has multiple choices and paths to take that can result in several deaths, usually Henry's. Henry decides to wait until a Toppat Member opens the door from the inside and sneaks in. Henry Stickmin's status as a villain or a hero depends on the player's choices. A handful of staple characters were introduced in Airship, which include Charles Calvin, Reginald Copperbottom, and the Right Hand Man. Sometime later, Henry is imprisoned in The Wall complex until he manages to escape/flee, either by himself, with a fellow prisoner, or with "assistance" from either the Toppat Clan or his friend Charles. Henry returns to the military base on Earth, where General Hubert congratulates Henry on his successful mission. In paths where Henry is allied with the Toppat Clan, Henry and Charles don’t interact at all but it’s clear that they would be enemies since Henry is in the Toppat Clan. He uses a Magic Hat. Overpowering Reginald, Henry is deciding on what to do to Reginald. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Having just escaped from The Wall, Henry and Charles land in a government base in the Dogobogo Jungle. In the later games, Henry begins to use items that reference other media, rather than ordinary items lying around. Introduction. Henry begins to lag and run in place. Seeing Henry's crimes and skills he used to do them, the Government of the USA kidnaps him to use him to bring down one of the government's greatest enemies. "Ahh!" He quickly enters a closet and uses a chair to climb up to the air duct. Henry Stickmin is a stick figure that has the ability to distract you from doing anything. Unfortunately, they end up inside the cafeteria, where they are surrounded by dozens of Toppats. These are a few examples: Henry on the poster for The Henry Stickmin Collection. the henry stickmin the movie 2 is a 2025 movie and sopposed to be a reboot of the 1st movie but insted the reboot was cancilled because it was live action thats why it was canciled. Henry, being the main protagonist, is the only character to appear in every game. Ow!" Aware of how unreliable the device has been in the past, Henry smashes it into bits, causing it to go haywire. In the same way, Ellie attempts to catch Henry in the Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits pathway in an explosion (although she does not need to as Henry spawns a note block). 10 hours have passed since Reginald Copperbottom betrayed Henry and left him for dead during his supposed rescue from The Wall. Henry Stickmin, the main character in the Henry Stickmin series. Henry, doing the 'I'll be watching you' sign to the bazooka guard, gets into the helicopter and the two of them fly off. Henry must find a way up. He barely misses his jump, but Reginald (now his right hand man) manages to catch him. - Henry about to stab the Right Hand Man, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Henry stops and asks the guard, Kayn West, to raise the barrier. When Dmitri is about to hit Henry and kill him, Ellie comes back with the motorcycle and knocks him out with a STOP sign, and both she and Henry ride away. Once he does this, Henry successfully escapes undetected. Henry, however, kicks the diamond off the bridge, holding onto his scooter, and falls quickly into the river below, escaping the cop's bullet. The faction element introduced in Airship permeated into Complex, with two endings catered specifically towards their allegiances. Henry breaks out and runs through the station, being protected from gunfire due to his metal form.