Services :

Whether you are a summer camp, school, university, or large corporation; Confidence In Movement’s program is carefully and specifically designed around your budget, needs, wants and objectives for your participants. Below are our main offerings but remember everything is customizable so if you want just one aspect, let us know as our goal is to help you and your group reach their truest potential.


The Mini:

This is an abbreviated version of our full program. It is a one day session that can run anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours. This includes a 60-90 minute fitness program followed by a seminar based on a theme from our curriculum.


The Traditional:

This program is a two to three day deep dive into self. Here we offer various fitness programs where participants split up into groups and tackle both our yoga and hiit programs on a specific day. Each day incorporates a theme which is the highlight of our seminar or discussion section. The last day culminates in a full group inspired workout and larger facilitated discussion based on goal setting and takeaways from the program.


The Intensive:

This is our most introspective program we offer. It is a month long program that has 8-12 sessions over the course of 1 to 3 months. We incorporate all of our fitness elements and curriculum to allow people to really “find themselves” and understand what truly motivates and inspires them to greatness.


Additional Services:

Confidence In Movement’s team is also available for the following services:

  1. Single cathartic fitness programs
  2. Theme based seminars and discussions
  3. Nutrition workshops
  4. Goal setting workshops
  5. Leadership trainings


Please contact us to find out additional information about all of our programs. Let us help you reach greatness.