This means I will earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase. Book an incredible African safari hunt here. At the same time, it was also extremely accurate (Ben Comfort famously won the 1935 Wimbledon Cup using the cartridge). The 300s are better for this but the 06 can hold its own anywhere. When using quality bullets and with good shot placement, both the 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag are excellent for hunting medium to large sized game at virtually all practical hunting ranges. We are now offering customized moose shape keychains. As I’ve stated many times: the 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum are both outstanding rifle cartridges. Download Image. Sectional density is a measure of the ratio of the diameter of a projectile to its mass. I have an ought six,seven mag and.338 mag. Join in and write your own page! Information Outfitters - equipping you with over fifty years of outdoors experience! The 7mm shoots .284-inch diameter bullets through bores .28-inch across, but only two use this Imperial measuring system in their titles: .280 Remington and .284 Winchester, both excellent but under-rated “standard” velocity cartridges. But the 300 WSM is … Good luck with your new rifle! 7mm vs. 300 Mag (Weatherby) in my opinion, both calibers will be plenty to take down a moose, but I have had gunsmiths tell me that there isn't all that much differece in a 300 mag and a 300 wby. Very good article. With that said, if I had it to do over again I would go with the .300 WSM just to get a little shorter action and shorter barrel. Remington claims that the ballistics of the 7mm SAUM equal those of the popular 7mm Rem. RE: 300 WSM Vs 7mm Rem Mag Which is better for big game Both great for big game. The Lyman 50th Edition (p214-216 & 260-262), and Hornady 10th Edition (p406-411, 537, 545, & 574-585) reloading manuals were also used as references for this article. First, let’s talk about the history of the … most seasoned moose hunter will find of value. I started with an 06. I went back to the .308 until I went to Africa again in late 90s and then 2004. in 99 I took a .300 Weatherby and a .375 Weatherby. Thank you – great information and detail. Vote: 7mm Rem Mag, 300 WSM, 300 Win Mag or 270 WSM? Glad you found the article helpful Al. Exactly what I was looking for. That being said, the .300 Win Mag has noticeably more recoil than the 7mm Rem Mag. Also what are some opinions on the 7mm rem mag vs 7mm rem ultra mag. Will be purchasing a .300 win mag for the Colorado Elk hunt I have planned for this fall. By the same token, the fact that the 7mm Remington Magnum also has a relatively mild recoil also makes it a great cartridge for mountain hunts where a lightweight rifle is really desirable, like mountain goat, bighorn sheep, Himalayan Tahr, and chamois hunting. This has been proved time and again for over 100 years, and both the .30-06 and .270 Win will be just as good in the future, possibly slightly better with new powder and bullet technology, as they are today. 8mm rem mag vs 300 win mag. The .300 Win Mag does have slightly less bullet drop and carries more energy down range. That being said, both cartridges have a moderate recoil that most shooters should be able to handle. That’s the year Winchester brought to market its now famous 300 Winchester Magnum. As a matter of fact, there is. Violate this principle by, for example, chambering a lightweight, short action rifle for a powerful Magnum cartridge like the .300 WSM and the result will be a dramatic increase in kick. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .300 WSM Winchester Short Magnum vs 7mm-08 Remington ammo rounds. However, this is where the strengths and weaknesses of each cartridge start to diverge though. The correct answer is - YES. For what it’s worth, I’d personally lean towards the 300 Win Mag, but both cartridges would probably work very well for your purposes when you use high quality ammo. I think you’re making a great choice! John. Not as powerful and no longer as popular as it used to be but still excellent. Truly appreciate you watching the videos!Cinder blocks with these two power houses!! The 7mm is a belted cartridge and the 300wsm is a rimmed cartridge. Even so, they have different strengths and weaknesses and the 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag debate is still going strong over 50 years later. Do you hunt in Canada or Alaska and need a heavy hitting cartridge just in case you find yourself on the wrong end of a brown or grizzly bear attack? Gun writers have spilled a lot of ink comparing the accuracy of the 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag over the years. 308″ bullets which have sectional densities of . Buy an excellent .300 Winchester Magnum hunting rifle here. On the other hand, the .300 Winchester Magnum has a slightly longer case length (2.62″ vs 2.5″) as well as a shoulder that sits .156″ further forward than the shoulder of the 7mm Rem Mag. The new cartridge essentially duplicated the ballistics of the .300 H&H Magnum, but used a much shorter case that allowed the cartridge to fit in a standard length action. Plus, the .270 WSM could poach from an already extensive lineup of .277 bullets designed for the .270 Win. (160 … The 7mm Rem Mag overall length is slightly smaller than the.300 Win Mag – 3.34 inches against 3.29 inches. Among others, the Remington Model 700, Browning X-Bolt, CZ-550, Mossberg Patriot, Nosler M48, Ruger M77 Hawkeye, Savage 11/111, Thompson Center Compass, Tikka T3X, Weatherby Mark V and Vanguard, and the Winchester Model 70 are all available in 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum. 308/7.62 mix 308 nickel ... 7mm mag remington headstamp 7mm mag winchester headstamp 7mm mauser/7x57 brass 7mm-08 mixed headstamp 7.5x54 brass 7.5x55 brass For example, when fired from the exact same rifle, a .300 Win Mag load firing a 165 grain bullet has about 25% more recoil than a 7mm Rem Mag load firing a 150 grain bullet at a similar muzzle velocity. Have you ever considered the 270 WSM? But this time it, Copyright© 2010- | | All Rights Reserved 7mm rem mag is good, but higher chance to hit and … So while the cartridge was moderately popular among shooters and hunters prior to World War II, the outsized length of the .300 H&H hampered more widespread acceptance of the cartridge and contributed to its decline in popularity during the ensuring decades. Like all 7mms, they can fire bullets as light as 100-grains and as heavy as 180-grains. From my reading, the 7mm seems (to me) to have superior ballistics, but the 300 Win Mag seems to have quite a following, with the US army pushing to adopt it. In shorter barrels, performance declines dramatically. While picking the most accurate cartridge of the two is a relatively contentious subject, most people agree that both the 7mm Mag and .300 Mag are capable of excellent accuracy. Most hunts you can get within 200-300 yards and less and my 308 works just fine. In short, like the 7mm Rem Mag, the .300 Win Mag is an excellent cartridge that packs more performance than the .30-06 Springfield into a comparably sized package. I’m about to have my once in a lifetime dream custom rifle made. Im from South Africa , we shoot alot of Kudu , from 80m to 500m , depending on which farm we hunt. Stock fit will be the biggest factor in how either one feels. The 06 isn’t the greatest cartridge that one can buy but it is far from being a slouch. The Barnes Triple Shock was recovered perfectly mushroom poking the hide of the far side. 7mm rem mag vs 300wsm Hey team, hopefully everyone’s not losing their minds too much, it’s probably been asked several times before so I do apologise but I’m looking at getting a new rifle and I’m tossing up between 7mm rem mag and a 300 wsm. The difference between them (7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag) isn’t as great as it is sometimes made out to be and the animal will never know the difference if your shot is placed in the right spot. Thanks for your comment Bentley! Excellent article — however, I will stick to my 30-06s. Note: while the case capacity figures listed below do give a good indication of the differences between the two cartridges, exact case capacities vary slightly according to the brand of brass used. At the same time, reloading components for both cartridges are also widely available. Mag., or become just another .300 magnum in the herd. Thanks for your support. Does the perfect muley cartridge really exist? I will likely read more in the future. That introduction was, I’m guessing, retaliation against Remington’s 1962 release of its equally famous 7mm Remington Magnum. We are going to park the quads this year and use the boat, get away from the others. You’re 100% correct about the 6.5 Creedmoor. Orkan's 7lrm looks like a solid solution - any reason not to jus run a 7mm-300wm or plain old 7 REM mag? We put 3 popular cartridges to a head-to-head-to-head test John. Q&A regarding parts of the moose anatomy. If you are unwilling to practice due to recoil (or the ridiculous volume of a muzzle break), then it is not the cartridge for you. But granted, in the field I don’t think I’ve ever felt any recoil at all. For that reason, virtually every ammunition manufacturer of note like Barnes, Berger, Black Hills, Browning, Federal Premium, Hornady, Nosler, PPU, Remington, Swift, Weatherby, and Winchester produces a wide array of high quality 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag factory ammunition. However, the distance from the case head to the datum line on the shoulder is longer for the 7WSM, preventing accidental chambering or firing of the .284" 7mm bullet in .270 WSM's .277" bore. When your considering mid Asian ibex hunt, it’s not about ego making long shots, it’s about being equipped Responsibly and properly training for shots that will range from 400-600 yards on a tough animal in tough conditions. They even used the case from the .338 Winchester Magnum (which was itself descended from the .375 H&H) as a model for the new cartridge. No Reproduction Permitted Without Permission. All of those cartridges saw varying degrees of commercial successes, but the best was still yet to come. :-) Either will drop game reliably at distance. Buy a quality 7mm Remington Magnum hunting rifle here. Dale emailed us:Cool website, nice to see others that consider the moose as a majestic creature. Have killed every thing from squirrels to moose with like magic every time! For those reasons, typical 7mm Rem Mag loads have a flatter trajectory, more energy remaining downrange, and (all other things equal) will penetrate better than .30-06 Springfield loads using the same weight bullets. I thought the .300 win mag to possibly be overkill for that type of hunting and ballistics charts show the 7mm mag to create less energy but if there isn't a huge difference then the trade doesn't make sense.) They are same-same. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufact can use bullets of 120 grains, but things usually top out at 175 or 185 grains. Happy hunting, The 300 seems to have a little more forgiveness. Awesome accuracy. Looking at the recoil of the .300 Win Mag vs .300 WSM is important for understanding certain situations that you might favor one over the other. The .308 Win and 7mm-08 Rem are also very good choices as general-purpose rounds and will remain so. Do you spend a lot of time in the mountains or the backcountry mountain goat, sheep, or tahr hunting where it’s really nice to have a lightweight rifle? Chuck Hawks has described the tolerable limit to be around 30 ft-lb. Norma made a big splash when they rolled out the .308 Norma Magnum in the early 1960s. All that being said, the 7mm Rem Mag still has a slight edge with most bullets in common use, even when compared to heavier .30 caliber bullets. RE: 300 WSM Vs 7mm Rem Mag Which is better for big game I have a 7mm mag best rifle I've ever had but the same goes to my dad who has a 300 WSM both perfect for any kind of game in the states. I have both. Put your favourite caliber, rifle make or saying on it. Modify the mag is easy then get a long bolt stop or just filing it to a long one. The few I ended up owning were traded off. He is asking $1000 shipped but I wouldn't go more than $900 for the package. It figures when the Postal Circus is involved.Ed. Felt recoil will vary from shooter to shooter and rifle to rifle, but free recoil energy is still a useful way to compare the two cartridges. John. The trajectory is not quite as flat with the .375 as it is with the 7mm or .300, but it will fit the bill nicely out to 300 yards or so if you’re up to the task as a shooter. The heavier bullets with more frontal area will do better than lighter bullets. I need to take the word from Paul Harvey---"to close to call". Indeed, the 7mm Mag will shoot the same weight bullet faster than the .30-06. For that reason, both cartridges have the same rim diameter. First, the new cartridge was available in the venerable Winchester Model 70 rifle. The 175 grain bullet worked well on Elk and caribou for me. Mule Deer Cartridge Showdown: .270 Win. Both cartridges are belted magnums that utilize modified .375 H&H Magnum cases. Laurie wrote to us:"I just wanted to let you know how much I love Of these, 140 grain, 150 grain, 160 grain, and 175 grain loads are by far the most common. Honestly, in a hunting rifle, (a few shots a year) I dont think its a concern vs a bench rest rifle (hundreds to thousands of shots a year) from what little I’ve read so far. Thank you so much for having such wonderful ways to fix moose. ballistics. I’m a one gun type of guy and would like to use the 7mm exclusively. 7mm Remington Magnum vs 300 Winchester Short Magnum Both of these calibers are excellent moose cartridges. The 8mm never really took off but has a small following and the case has spawned several other cartridges like the 7mm STW, the 358 Alaskan, to name a few. 300 Win Mag vs 7mm Mag. Check out the .280 Remington or the .280 Ackley Improved.The .280 AI will give you virtually the same performance as the 7mm Mag in a non-belted case with less recoil and while burning less powder. Though the .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield are both wonderful cartridges that have been incredibly popular with hunters since they were first introduced at the beginning of the 20th Century, gun designers never stopped looking for ways to improve upon the performance of those two old war horses. I can’t count the number of large Russian boars I’ve downed with one shot with the 06 and proper bullets at up to 250 yards.One last thought, it is more powerful than the increasingly popular 308 and shines head and shoulders above it when it comes to using heavy for caliber bullets. Tikka T3 Lite is what I am thinking, just not sure on the size 7mm or 300wsm. Most hunters probably agree that the 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum are both fantastic choices for hunting a wide variety of big game, including bear. Thank you for you’re comparisons, I have the 7mm and was more curious than anything, glad to know about the recoil, but like I said I have the 7mm and love it.. Manya from Tampa Bay said: My sister-in-law came down with a box of goodies from Alaska. You Mag. morning Mark, I want to thank you again for your outstanding service. I used the Hornady Ballistic calculator and to compare wind drift and recoil for the cartridges. Again, it's a fantastic site, keep up the great work.". Plus, the .270 WSM could poach from an already extensive lineup of .277 bullets designed for the .270 Win. Open to any opinion on size and make.Thanks. I looked on your site. would have it, when I arrived home after work yesterday the moose call was in —which has been with us since 1963—has as a firm hold on the market, and in all sincerity it handles a good number of situations very well. They’re both flat shooting and hard hitting cartridges. vs. .300 Win. hunters and very informative for both new and veteran hunters alike. Add text to both sides!It's also a bottle opener! Simply click here to return to Hunting Rifle. The smaller caliber 7mm Remington Magnum is wonderful for smaller and lighter animals like mule deer, pronghorn, or fallow deer. I went back to the .308 until I went to Africa again in late 90s and then 2004. in 99 I took a .300 Weatherby and a .375 Weatherby. Not surprisingly, both cartridges have seen extensive use in long range shooting competitions and both are in common use among military and police snipers for precision shooting. For all practical purposes though, there isn’t a significant difference in the ballistics of the .300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag at typical hunting ranges. It's pretty close to the 280 Ackley and since you're a reloader, obtaining ammo won't be an issue. Though they both have the same rim diameter and are very similar in overall length, the longer case length and advantage of the shoulder placement on the .300 Win Mag gives that cartridge a 5-8% advantage in capacity over the 7mm Rem Mag. Does the perfect muley cartridge really exist? are great cartridges, but which one is better? not just the novice in mind, there are tips in the book that even the I really like the comparison of the popular loads re: wind drift and drop. I’ve shot a 7mm mag for years, simply because that’s what dad gave me to use. Like the .308 Norma, the .300 Winchester Magnum essentially duplicated the performance of the .300 H&H Magnum in a shorter case that fit in a standard length rifle action. Seems to be nice to shoot. Before proceeding, we should reiterate that measuring the action on most rifles should be the first option. 7mm Rem Mag vs. 300 Win Mag 1)) Load each of them with the very ‘maximum’ amount of powder each case will safely hold, and also with exact same type of powder. As an example, 150 grain and 175 grain .284″ bullets. and exactly the same claim is made for the 7mm WSM. The 7mm-08 is a bit closer to the 308 and doesn't really come close to the ballistics of the 7mm mag. your site and how much I appreciate all the help you give everyone. You can see some of the differences between the .300 Winchester Magnum and 7mm Remington Magnum cartridges in the photo below. and do some experimenting with Reloads for it . It's got dies and some brass with it. Overall well thought out and written. I own both, and I still preferred the 7mm. Mag. Thanks for your comment Milton. Modify the mag is easy then get a long bolt stop or just filing it to a long one. I totally agree: shot placement is the single most important factor when it comes to quickly and cleanly taking game. All were dispatched appropriately. Customizable Moose Keychain Fobs in 5 colours. I agree that the 7mm Mag is a great cartridge, but I primarily hunt with a .300 Win Mag myself. 7mm WSM (150 Sp at 3200).456 +2.4" +2.5" 3"@150: 314.275 H&H Mag. Recently, someone tried talking me into the 6.5 creedmoor, which I am considering for my 5′-5″ 120 lb daughter. My one disagreement would be with recoil. That Barnes Triple Shock was also recovered perfectly mushroomed poking the far side of the hide. Very knowledgeable comments. The .300 Win. If you’d rather listen than read, you can either just press play below or click the appropriate link to download the episode through your preferred service. vs. .300 Win. … Additionally, I recorded an entire podcast episode on this exact subject. Remington changed the shooting world forever in 1962 when they introduced their legendary Remington Model 700 rifle along with the brand new 7mm Remington Magnum cartridge. However, since the 7mm Mag bullets compared above have a slightly higher ballistic coefficient, the gap in kinetic energy between the two bullets closes slightly at longer ranges. Good So I also agree with shato flip a coin. How? Load some 208 eldm and push it at 2800fts, it’s a hammer! I have narrowed it down to 7mm or 300 win mag. The .300 Win Mag has a slightly greater overall length (3.34″ vs 3.29″), but they are close enough in size that both cartridges are used in standard/long-action rifles. For instance, the 150gr Barnes TTSX and 168gr Nosler AccuBond Long Range bullets in 7mm Rem Mag have G1 ballistic coefficients of .450 and .631 respectively while the 165gr TTSX and 190gr Nosler AccuBond Long Range in .300 Win Mag have ballistic coefficients of .442 and .597. After much research on the Ballistics of the 7mm Remington Magnum and comparing that information with similar Cartridges and they’re performance, I have decided to invest in a 7mm Rem. the WSM holds a little bit more powder winchester factory loads are 10 fps faster than remington factory loads- big deal they probably use differnt barrels just the same length the barrels they use im sure have tighter tollerances than most to increace velocity SAUM is more popular with semi-autos, i hear that its … Either (assuming .300 Win Mag) one can be bought in just about any sporting goods store that sells rifles and ammunition. I found the 300 to be consistently more accurate than 7mm mags. Unfortunately, the .300 H&H Magnum was so long that it required the use of a magnum length action. These will give substantially better performance than the 308 and won't burn barrels nearly as fast as the 7mm mag. In a Ruger M77 mk1 with a equally vintage Weaver 3x scope, its been more than adequate on game out to 300 yards for me, and my uncle recalls and boasts about my dad making a 500 yard shot on a Sask Whitetail in the early 80s. The.300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag cartridges hit the market around the same time and are both hugely popular in the hunting and shooting communities. If you haven’t shot any game with it, you can’t in all honesty have a practical opinion of its capabilities. One of the reasons the 6.5CM has gained popularity (besides great marketing) is it has mild recoil that competitive shooters love while maintaining sufficient energy and penetration. Tikk T3 Lite A fine choice for a Moose HUnting Rifle, New to hunting, won a moose draw in BC. The 7mm shoots .284-inch diameter bullets through bores .28-inch across, but only two use this Imperial measuring system in their titles: .280 Remington and .284 Winchester, both excellent but under-rated “standard” velocity cartridges. We put 3 popular cartridges to a head-to-head-to-head test Additionally, because the cartridges are the same length and have the same rim diameter, rifles of the same model chambered in each cartridge are virtually identical to each other. But when hunting moose in Alaska I did go with a 300 WM for the bullet weight. I have At the same time, they’re not limited to long range hunting applications. For instance, the vast majority of 7mm Rem Mag factory loads shoot bullets in the 139-175 grain range. 7mm Wsm Vs. 7mm Rem Mag 7mm Remington Magnum (7 Rem Mag) Barrel Length Versus 7mm-08 Defeats 308 Again Image detail for 300 Wsm Vs 7mm Rem Mag : Title: 300 Wsm Vs 7mm Rem Mag Date: July 22, 2019 Size: 135kB Resolution: 582px x 668px More Galleries of 300 Win Mag Races 7mm Rem Again! Both cartridges are flat shooting, heavy hitters with over 3,000 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle and are suitable for hunting most big game up to and including moose and Alaska brown bear. Indeed, the fact that 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum are two of the most popular cartridges used by North American and New Zealand hunting guides really says a lot about their effectiveness on a wide variety of big game from feral hogs to moose. Both the 7mm Rem mag and the 300 WSM are very comfortable to shoot and recoil would be similar--just a tad more recoil than a 30-06 with 180 grain handloads. 2)) Load both of them with exact same bullet grain weight(150, 165, or 180 grain, etc.) Since .308 Norma rifles and factory ammo were much less common than in North America, the new Winchester cartridge quickly overtook and eventually replaced the .308 Norma in that market. In my case, for most situations, I do prefer the somewhat lower recoil of the 7mm Rem Mag. However, this small differential in size does not affect the fact that they can both be used in standard / long-action rifles. It's pretty close to the 280 Ackley and since you're a reloader, obtaining ammo won't be an issue. More The Gun Nuts. Personally, I think only time will tell. I have entered the world of the .300 WSM and all I can say is it has some big shoes to fill. Best of luck to you with your upcoming hunts! Thank you help me make this decision, any info would be appreciated. Are you itching to take a rifle chambered in one of these cartridges on a hunt? Want to learn how to hunt moose? Even so, the advent of the .300 Winchester Magnum resulted in a sharp decline in popularity of the .308 Norma for two primary reasons. vs. 7mm Rem. Mag. As far as the discussion between the 300 short mag and the 7mm mag I think you are splitting hairs. The Big Game Hunting Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, and other Amazon stores worldwide. Cartridge case capacities were obtained from Chuck Hawks. And in DOUBT , whats the right rifle .As we arent allowed to own many rifles with all our laws, and the weak rand makes everything in SA expensive for us ordinary citizens . It is my go to guide for moose hunting. Thanks. Thinking of buying my first hunting rifle – a Savage 110 No. Consider going with the 7mm Rem Mag, which has a lighter recoil that’s more manageable in a small and light rifle. That's plausible. ballistics. tominboise. I Shot a few Northern Canada whitetails over 325 pounds. With all that in mind, it’s not surprising at all that the flat shooting and hard hitting 7mm Rem Mag quickly caught on with hunters and shooters in North America. One was a moose steak. It takes some range time to dial it in for a specific load, but once you have it dialed in, it is an outstanding flat shooting rifle for small and medium sized game at longer ranges than a 30-06. However, I am just beginning to research “throat erosion” with 300 WM and curious about 7 mm RM. have a great way with words and make this site very approachable for new “Extremely long” was a poor choice of words. No question it isn’t. Mag. John. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with distance shooting, provided that you practice for it. Same weight bullet, same velocity = same recoil. 300 Remington Ultra Magnum (1) 300 Savage (1) 300 Weatherby Magnum (3) 300 Winchester Magnum (5) 300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) (4) 303 British (2) 308 Winchester (10) 32 Winchester (1) 32-20 Winchester (1) 325 WSM (Winchester Short Mag) (1) 338 Federal (1) 338 Lapua (1) 338 Marlin Express (1) 338 Norma Mag (1) 338 Remington Ultra Magnum … John. Both rifles work equally as well. The 7mm Rem Mag is a flat shooting round that is available in a good selection of bullet weights, though maybe not as many as the.300 Win Mag. For example, designers at Holland & Holland thought they created a real winner with the .300 H&H Magnum in the 1920s. My question is, is there a 7mm or something ballistically similar but not belted? That cartridge has a lot going for it, especially recoil. Not as flat shooting as a 7 mag. The Barnes twist calculator says a 8.75-1 would be better at stabilizing these new larger bullets than the 10-1 that came on the gun. I’ve had the opportunity to compare the 7mm Rem Mag and the .300 Weatherby Mag, in the latter’s case with .300 Win Mag levels of power. The 7mm WSM is similar to the .300 WSM with the case necked down to handle .284" bullets.