Confidence In Movement’s main purpose is to use the cathartic
nature of sweat and fitness along with mindful introspective work
to assist individuals of all ages to elevate themselves to reach
their greatest potential without sacrificing their truest self.


Confidence In Movement focuses on core principles steeped in maximizing participants’ potentials through yoga, fitness, guided meditations, community circles, journaling, and tangible goal setting. Our program truly is for everyone. We encourage healthy living through development of the whole self.  We believe that personal growth and development occurs through a two pronged approach:

  1. Bring the gift of loving oneself from the inside by facilitating confidence through energetic and powerful fitness classes set to a targeted theme.
  2. Utilize a reflective component embedded in the coaching and class structure, teaching children, teens and adults how to manifest their wildest dreams into reality and work towards goals.

We teach people that it is ok to fail in order to succeed. It is ok to be vulnerable in order to grow, and most of all, we teach people how to set goals to strive for greater achievements instead of just dreaming of what could be.