We believe that everything in life stems from having a healthy mind and relationship with self. Mindfulness means looking inward so that we may shine outward, and that entails cultivating the whole-self through:


  • Being of Service: Being active in one’s community and involved in helping others through leadership, volunteering, and exercising good citizenship.
  • Journaling: In a judgement free zone, participants write in journals about their lives, lessons, frustrations–anything! Journals can be turned into program leaders and coaches for responses and a silent dialogue.
  • Community Circles: A safe space where everyone openly shares their fears, goals, hopes, ambitions, etc. This is where we come together as a group to learn from others, hear and see one another, and learn that though we sometimes feel alone; we aren’t.
  • Being Compassionate: We believe in treating others with compassion, meeting those that are struggling with empathy, and smiling at strangers to fill our communities with positivity.