Get flexibility for a bargain with this sea kayak from Perception. We will continue to work non-stop to get you out on the water as soon as possible. Recreational is designed to enhance the tracking ability of your sit-inside kayak. Been out 3 times now. Well, OK, I was really hoping to not go over, as the water temperature here in NH is still pretty cold this time of year. So for a 16.5' kayak this can hold quite a lot, in fact people are amazed when I show them pictures of my gear once unpacked from the kayak. Perception Essence, Sea Kayak Perception Essence, Sea Kayak Brand: Perception Product Code: KAY-ESS160114 Availability: Out of stock €1,279.00 1,279.00 Ask about this product Have a … Incredible pedal performance in a punchy 10 ft. package. 1. Perception did a very good job on this. The ideal spraydeck for the Expression 14/15 is R4/Keyhole size. The parts of a skeg, in case of breakage, are harder to repair compared to rudders. The storage compartments in the boat carry my tent (2-man), my sleeping bag, a self-inflating bedroll, a couple of bottles of water, four or five cans of soup, a backpacking stove, my camera tripod, folding saw, etc. The boat will cut through the waves. Our advice is to discuss your needs with your local Perception Kayaks dealer. Perfect for small paddlers, the Perception Expression 14.5 kayak with skeg effectively bridges the gap between a fun, maneuverable day-tripping kayak and a predictable touring model. Pedal drive kayaks are a great way to fish or explore on the water, but not all are created equally. Good in that it allows me some much needed 'alone time', but bad in that I must carry everything needed myself, without having another boat to share the cargo carrying. In hindsight, the kayak would probably not weather cock as much if weight were added to the bow as when fully loaded I noticed a significant improvement without having to deploy the skeg in windy conditions. I can load the boat with everything I need for a three day/two night endeavor. Water conditions were not conducive to lots of use last year but hope to get more use this year. is easy enough to reach for the foot pegs and the skeg control is recessed on the outside of the boat and is easy to operate and you do see a difference. Volume is adequate enough that I can load this kayak for a 5 day trip (this includes a small cooler that collapses, a 3 man tent, sleeping bag, tarps, cooking gear, extra clothes, and a variety of comfort accessories) and I did not use most of the smaller items I brought along so I'm sure I could extend my outings by a few days by packing a little smarter. Available at your authorized Wilderness Systems Dealer - I keep it down when going straight and bring it up when I need to maneuver after I tried a few hard turns with both. Found the seat comfortable and the side adjustment (strap?) I took this thing out on the lake and loved it. This boat was garage kept and the hatch lids seal well for the time being. In the stowed position, the boat is maneuverable and turns well, but does not track all that great. I find myself going "half open" sometimes which gives a happy medium between straight tracking and turning ability. £40.00 Add to Basket Footrest Parts Liquiglogic Footrest Bolts - … The initial stability on the Essence is pretty good. Overall a solid 8.5 and I'd only give my Hobie AI a 9... no perfect boat. Perception Essence 16.5 Touring Sea Kayak with TruTrak Skeg description Perception Essence 16.5 Touring Sea Kayak with TruTrak Skeg - The Perception Essence 16.5 redefines sea kayak performance. The other minor irritant is that skeg box itself. But hey, I'm out to have fun and not to break any world speed records. We nevertheless have a wait time for new orders, and our phone lines have seen an influx of calls. Read reviews for the Essence 16.5 by Perception as submitted by your fellow paddlers. The skeg is adjustable from fully deployed all the way to fully stowed, any amount in between. Most everything I need fits in the cargo holds, and the only things I have to strap to the deck webbing are a folding camp chair, waterproof bag containing camera equipment (DSLR body and lenses), a waterproof bag containing a couple of changes of clothes and extra shoes, extra paddle, and my hand pump for bailing out water. Foot pedals manage them at the cockpit that is joined for the rudder using stainless steel cables or an incredibly powerful strand. In the stowed position, the boat is maneuverable and turns well, but does not track all that great. Stability is good and secondary stability is excellent, this kayak wants to spring you back when edging. It is designed to enhance the tracking ability of your sit-inside kayak. It doesn't quite have the rocker or turning ability of the dagger Stratos but it does have a much better price point. The perfect kayak to fit your lifestyle awaits. So when I go camping, I go alone. Most skegs are adjustable and can be controlled from the kayak’s cockpit. and this boat fits me very well. This may change if you enter more choppy, open-lake water, but if the skeg is deployed, nothing can stand in this kayak’s way. 99 Innovative kayak designs tuned for performance, premium outfitting, and stunning quality. Feelfree Skeg Sit On Top Spares Sit On Top Trolleys Roof Racks Kayak Rudders Fishing Rod Holders Fish Finders Fishing Accessories Department Sit On Tops Single Seaters Tandems & … You will make it by modification of your kayak. A skeg helps to battle against powerful Our advice is to discuss your needs with your local Perception Kayaks dealer. Prices and availability may vary between country and Allowing expert and novice sea kayakers alike to push their abilities to new levels , the Essence 16.5 offers solid tracking, yet is maneuverable due to its unique design. Read Essence 16.5 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. In short I was happy when I bought this thing after trying it out and am still happy, My instructor is seriously looking at getting a few for his students after trying it out. The skeg fills with mud if you drag it across the ground, and must be cleared before the skeg is usable. The perception expression is a fairly good boat. Faster than my other rec yaks, not by a huge amount but for a plastic boat it's a sleek machine. I don't consider this boat heavy so hoisting atop a SUV is no issue. Rudders are made to elevate out from their water with a cable system and also fold out from this manner onto the back deck. Only wish they would make the foot braces a little bigger. An important thing to help your yak keep tracking straight through the water. ここでは、パーセプションが販売しているカヤックについて紹介しています。パーセプションはアメリカの大手カヤックメーカーであり、日本でも気軽に購入することができます。パーセプションのカヤックの特徴を知りたい人におすすめの内容です。 In terms of tracking, the TruTrak skeg keeps your kayak on the straight and narrow with ease and is Just picked up this boat last week, and took it out for the first time on Ayer's Lake in Barrington, NH... a little breezy out, and this boat tracked straight as an arrow.