As illustrated in the chart, .17 HMR Hornady Magnum Rimfire rounds - on average - achieve a velocity of about 2480 feet per second (fps) while .22 Hornet rounds travel at a velocity of 2720 fps. I have never fired a .22 mag, but i'm sure its much better. I’m leaning towards the .17HMR. In case you’re looking for high accuracy and want to hunt down small varmints at 100-125 yards, the 17 HMR is a better choice. Le .17 HMR a connu un succès spectaculaire. But when it comes to bigger pests, there's one that performs better than the other. The 22 Long Rifle or just 22 LR is also a hunting rifle cartridge developed by American firearms producer J.Stevens Arms & Tool Company in 1887. It will cost you a fortune to get started with that though - custom gun, custom dies, no factory ammo available. This 17 HMR rifle is an ideal solution for short-game hunting and those who are at the beginning of their hunting journey. Though the 22 LR is a great choice for hitting targets under 100 yards but 17 HMR is what you’ll need to hit those targets at 125-175 yards. Rimfire Showdown: .22 WMR vs. .17 HMR vs. .17 WSM. POI. One of those "looks better on paper" unhandy as heck but fun guns most all of us end up with from time to time. I'm sure I am a day late and a dollar short but if the deal on the .416 falls through let me know and I will buy it. Your can support this channel on patreon. support is greatly appreciated. While it kicks the venerable .22 Magnum’s proverbial tale, a magic bullet it isn’t. If you properly eliminate the danger of ricochets, then that would change everything. I did a quick look with google and the .22 Hornet is far superior. When you compare some models of 22 LR and 17 HMR, you see that both cartridges have many to offer and that there are many great rifles that use those calibers. Apparently, 22 LR is a choice of many because it’s very affordable. The 22LR is your best bet if you’re a beginner or if you need cheap ammo for general plinking or you’re hunting small animals within 75 yards and want to keep the meat. If you look at the federal ballistics for wind and drop the .17 beats the 22 wmr hands down, even the 50gr 22 wmr has more wind drift than the .17 at 150 yards. Re: .22 WMR vs. 17 HMR On smaller game under 150yd the .17. Why 308 is the Best for Hunting | Comparing .308 vs .223 and .30-06. Latest. The 17, I'm sure, has it's attributes, I personally don't think coyote is one of it's strong points! Holosun HS510C Review : The Only Harsh Unbiased Review, Best Scopes for 22LR: For Squirrel Hunting & Competitions, Best Scope for 308 in 2019: Ultimate Unbiased Review and Buying Guide, How To Zero a Red Dot? When comparing the Hornady 30-grain.22 WMR V-Max load with the brand's 35-grain V-Max.22 Hornet load from rifles with equal-length barrels, the results are telling. I have even seen the .22 Hornet successfully drop cheetal deer , here in Bangladesh . MT_DD_FAN. Not bad at all, but when it comes to comparison with 17 HMR, 22 Long Rifle is a weaker solution. Ballistics Calculator by Hornady. With a 40 grain bullet, the 22WMR sends it along at 1880 fps. A 17 HMR will send a bullet that’s half that weight (20 grains) at 2350. Most ammunition manufacturers load for both. 17 HMR was made by reducing .22 Magnum case in order to accept .17 caliber bullet. The Browning SA-22 rifle takes the first place among 22.LR rifles. Hornady wanted to increase the speed of .22 Magnum and decreased its weight to 17 grains. The .17 HMR, it does a number on Squirrel, Rabbit and even known to destroy the meat. Using the .22 WMR mentioned above as a parent case, the .17 HMR uses a necked down .22 WMR case to fit the .17 caliber bullet. In your opinion, what is the maximum target shooting distance for the .17HMR; also,what type of scope application would you recommend for the .17HMR. Only then, you can be certain with this ammunition. It's not quite up to .17 Rem velocities but its got 1000fps on a HMR! I am no scientist I can't tell you why. Its design is very nice with fine wood and quality steel, making an attractive combination. June 29, 2016. Its weight stands at 5 pounds. But when it comes to bigger pests, there's one that performs better than the other. Various firearms have been produced in this caliber including revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, and even smoothbore shotguns. How To Zero a Red Dot? Getting hopeful for 2022 on a true PG hunt then maybe a buff. Maybe Vervet monkey up to 100 yds or so. The 17 and 6.5 needed quite a few to settle in. Skip the set trigger and adjust the basic trigger for a smooth take up and release. Its bullet is even more popular, and it reaches billions of sales on a yearly basis. August 18, 2017 . (Ron Spomer/) Availability & Pricing. Federal only lists three varieties on its website, and other major manufacturers maintains similar stocks. Often ricochets might also be a concern with .22 caliber, especially with target shooting that involves a larger number of people in the surrounding. That is clearly one more advantage of 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire in comparison with 22 Long Rifle. 22 Hornet, 221 Fireball (2 of them), 6.5 Grendel and the 17 Hornet. But 22 LR also has many advantages despite its long use and the date of the production. 2. Welche hat mehr Energie, welche mehr Reichweite, auf welche Distanzen sind die Kaliber noch für einen… Wer führt eine .17 HMR Waffe und hat welche Erfahrungen damit. Latest. If you’ve any questions or suggestions please comment below and i’ll get back to you. It weighs 4.9 pounds while the rifles above are slightly heavier. That is how they succeed to kill them. Hamid wrote on Professor Mawla's profile. Ruger 10/22 is the second on the list among 22 LR rifles. .17 HMR, 17 grain = + 1.5" at 90 yards, 0 at 145 yards, - 1.5" at 165 yards..22 WMR, 40 grain = +1.5" at 65 yards, 0 at 107 yards, -1.5" at 123 yards. Top #1403378 - 10/30/09 08:55 AM Re: .17 HMR vs .22 Hornet bamayote23 Die Hard Member II … Hunting. Posts: 1,480. you can,t use a SAK moddy on a Hornet ( SAk is for rimfire only), you will need a c/f moddy ( i use a T8) the HMR is great out to 175 yrds but not much more, i recently shot a few bunnies with the Hornet and my mates words were--you,ve liquified the insides of them ! It is easy to handle while the design is pretty nice. The >17 is usually loaded with a .17 gr bullet. Mounted a little 2X LER scope on it- absolutely scary accurate with 50 & 52/53 gr standard .224" whatever bullets and normal Hornet powders like 4227. The choice totally depends on your preferences, for some 17 HMR will be the best choice over 22LR and for some, it would be the other way around. It would utilize a 17-grain spitzer bullet, driven to 2,550 feet per second (fps) for a flat trajectory, flatter than any rimfire that had come before. : The Ultimate No Shit Guide, The Best Long Range Scope Under $1000: Reviews (2019 Recommendations), The Ultimate Guide on Cleaning Your Rifle Scope. The .22 mag. The 22LR is a good choice for plinking and small game hunting within the range of 75 yards. Due to the higher price and the high velocity, 17 HMR bullets are expected to work way better than the 22LR. Try it once. From here we can clearly see that the 17 HMR is faster and lighter than 22LR. Ammunition and rifles for both are widely distributed and commonly available. Don’t even think of hunting bigger games with them. Usually loaded with .17 projectile which bullet reaches a speed of more than 775 m/s. My CZ 527 .22 Hornet with Hornady 35 gr. Supporter. That is probably the biggest drawback here. This rifle is a favorite solution among recreational shooters and beginner hunters. Campfire Regular. If you’re looking for yet more speed, check out the 204 Ruger as it sends a 40 grain bullet out at 3900 fps. Thanks to its speed which makes it a better choice. The Browning T – Bolt takes the second place on this list. On paper the .17 HMR beat the .22 Magnum like a rented mule – 2,500 fps compared to 1,900 of the old round. Most rimfire rifle builders chamber for both. The manufacturer wanted to replace old 5mm Remington Magnum Rimfire that was developed in 1970. 17 HMR vs 22 LR Trajectory. It was introduced in 2002 by Hornady, and has found a home as a 200-yard varmint gun. In fact, the outer dimensions of the 77/17 17 Hornet does little to distinguish it from the $969 VMBBZ 77/17 17 HMR rifle tested in the September 2013 issue. 6.5 Load Development Part 1. They are good cartridges for use in semi-populated areas. 22 LR is probably the most affordable rifle on the US market today, and it is hard to find an ideal match when it comes to costs and versatility. For many shooters, it makes sense to use the 17 Mach 2 rather than a 17 HMR. 17 HMR is usually too small for coyote hunting, but it can be used successfully for groundhogs. The Hornet load, when zeroed at 200 yards, drops 17.1 inches at 300 yards. On top of that, 5 mm RMR barrels were basically nonexistent at the time. Looks like 35-55 for the Hornet. I have 2 of them and both shoot 1/2". The .17 HMR loadings and/or rifles appear to be more consistently accurate. The popularity of 22 LR has not fallen with the development of 17 HMR. (Ron Spomer/) Availability & Pricing. My friend had a .17 hmr and when i shot it, it just didn't feel like it had the power. Both the .17 HMR and .22 WMR are well-suited. It has been serving for the purpose from the beginning, and the bullet is faster and more precise now. Get a weekly email with best free content. The .17 HMR is the necked-down version of the .22 WMR (.22 Magnum.) This is a substantially larger case. Overall thought, the .22 WMR is a handy little varmit rimfire that gives more range than a .22 LR..17 HMR. The rifle costs $600, but it definitely worth every penny. When 17 HMR first came out, I remember thinking about how it was too expensive, and that the performance boost wasn’t worth it for gophers. Quite obviously, Never any issues but as always proper bullet placement. If you have a really infested field that you’re working, 22 LR is much cheaper and easier on the ears. Its ammunition is the most affordable on the market. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Well, don't get me started on the .17 Ackley Hornet! I’m surprised I didn’t hear more about a 22WMR.:.. Compared to the other rimfires on this list, the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) is the youngest by a long shot. With 30-grain bullets, factory .22 WMR loads can top 2,200 fps, which is still about 900 fps slower than Federal's TNT .22 Hornet load with the same weight bullet. I can't think of a more inappropriate small bore rifle cartridge than the .204 for shooting the small game birds that the original poster is interested in hunting - what should he do with dove mist and francolin chunks? Alternatively, the older .22 WMR — the inspiration behind the .17 HMR — is still a good fox cartridge. Hornady a continué en 2005 avec le .17 Mach 2, en utilisant le boîtier CCI Stinger (légèrement plus long que le boîtier .22 … Most ammunition manufacturers load for both. It also had a flatter trajectory than the .22 Magnum, but all is not as it seems. It may not display this or other websites correctly. On the other hand, if the rifle is too loud and hard to manage, then that might have an opposite effect on those without previous experience with firearms. The 17 HMR does make a lot more noise than a 22LR. So, the choice is freely yours, and this review is here to help you to choose the right one for yourself. Agree with Phillip Glass that the 17WSM far exceeds the HMR! Vmax at roughly 2950-3000 fps vs my CZ 527 .17 Hornet with Hornady 20 gr Vmax at roughly 3600 fps, the former is a confirmed 200 yards Ground Hog killer and I expect the later to stretch that out to 300 per the Ballistic charts. The Browning T – Bolt also has a 22-inch barrel and the simply adjustable trigger that makes it easy to use. Although its widely known that the .22LR is lethal on small game out to 100 yards. However, just as the .22 LR was an evolution of the .22 Short and .22 Long that preceded the legendary design, the .22 Winchester Rimfire Magnum became an upgrade of the .22 LR, giving greater velocities and more striking energy. Hornet 6 Well-Known Member. I get better groups with a soft, yet firm hold on the rifle. 22LR drops a lot after 100 yards but 17 HMR shows the slowest drop and has a flatter trajectory as compared to the 22LR’s. They seem to take the same 77-17/22 mags. Hard to believe that I am still planning my first trip. I love mine. Its typically used by boy scouts in the US as their main rifle for shooting at merit badge. There are several trendy brands of 17 HMR rifles such as Henry, Ruger, Alexander Arms, and Savage. The price is above average though. Also, when looking at the trajectory chart we can agree that it makes more sense to compare 22 WMR to 17 HMR as they’re somewhat closer in stats. 1. Thanks to this development, 17 HMR is now officially the fastest hunting rifle ever made. Thanks for the excellent article. Survival. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The .22 mag power starts to wane after 100 yards, and .17 HMR may be a better choice beyond that. You can adjust such rifle in accordance with your needs, and that is a great thing for a professional hunter. The Mueller APV is another good choice if your budget is below $150. I would go with the hornet. Thank you very much. The .17 HMR loadings and/or rifles appear to be more consistently accurate. You are using an out of date browser. 17 Hornet 367 Yard Rabbit | How to. You can unsubscribe anytime! For the most part, it still isn’t. The first three shot well out of the gate. Let’s Begin! Get ear protection or your ears will be ringing. Its weight stands at 5.19 pounds. Cost is also a major differentiating factor. The .17 HMR, 5mm RFM, and .22 WMR are all useful varmint cartridges. Bushbuck - head shot. But considering its performances, you will definitely get a high-quality weapon with great features. It looks much more like Colt Ar – 15, than like other small caliber rifles. 0. Agree with Phillip Glass that the 17WSM far exceeds the HMR! As you can already see the .17HMR is a faster and lighter bullet than the .22LR. Low noise and recoil can stimulate beginners to train more efficiently falling in love with this sport. A .22 bullet is more likely to ricochet and that is another issue. I would HIGHLY endorse the .22 Hornet . On a coyote with a 6″ vitals area, Maximum Point Blank Range or MPBR for short, is handy to compare how flat they … Stuff tends to explode. However, as I am a beginner at rifle shooting, I’m only interested in shooting paper/metal targets. Both the .22 WMR and .17 HMR are firmly established as standard rimfires. They can buy it cheaply, and they can feed it cheaply as well. I … Thanks … Wondering what’s better, 17 HMR or 22 LR? World's most popular community & resource for hunting in Africa. 17 vs .22-250 - posted in Guns, Loads, Optics and Gear for Varmint Hunting: I am buying a new varmint gun to shoot pd's and coyotes. Aim at the Links Below: November 18, 2019. 1. Talking about scopes, it depends on your budget. And while both rounds fall well short of the capabilities of the hotter .223 Rem., .22-250 Rem. The benefit of the .17 Fireball and .17 Remington are over the counter ammo availability if you don't reload. August 18, 2017. By Ron Spomer. However, a .17 bullet is much faster than its counterpart and ricochets are less likely to occur. Best Scope for 308 in 2019: Ultimate Unbiased Review and Buying Guide Of the other Hornet rifles I've had, some were OK and some not so much. When searched online, the average cost of 17HMR is $15 per box containing 50 rounds, and it’s $5 per box in the case of 22LR. A box of 50 .22 LR cartridges costs about $4, while the same number of .17 HMR costs over four times as much (about $17). The Savage B-Mag Rifle is great for recreational and target shooting as well. 3. The .17AH will frequently only make one tiny hole but it has a lot more thump than the .17 HMR. Let us compare the CCI .22LR Stinger vs CCI .17HMR TNT to keep things fair. A rock chuck taken with a .17 HMR. With .223 caliber, you can kill Coyotes, Wolves, and even deer in some cases. La .17 HMR . Thanks to its speed which makes it a better choice. 2. Two loads with the one scope setting allows for the 35gn berger at 3700fps to be zeroed at 200yds being perfect for goats and longer range rabbits while the Nosler at 2700fos zeroes at 100yds is just the ticket for the walking rabbit shooting I do now where most shots are within 150 yds and have to be taken standing over the bog pod because of the rolling terrain. 22 HORNET! 17 HMR due to its high velocity makes much more noise than 22 LR, and they are overly loud. Schwergewicht für mich ist diverses Raubzeug und höchstens Fuchs. The Best Long Range Scope Under $1000: Reviews (2019 Recommendations), Photo By Mikehelms [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons. With a 100-yard zero, the 20-grain .17 WSM bullet drops but 1.2 inches at 150 yards and 4.1 inches at 200 yards, giving a very usable trajectory from a rimfire rifle. 22 LR is considered a pretty weak cartridge with a low penetrating power, but it can still achieve many things. Blows up small stuff, too small for medium/small stuff. It includes the rifle’s affordability, low noise, and minimal recoil. After that the bullet drops rather quickly. S. sir-lamp-alot Well-Known Member. But we haven’t considered the 17 WSM yet..17 HMR break-action single shot. A ballistic shootout with three of the best rimfires of all time. This rifle is also great for small game hunting with an ideal caliber to finish it successfully. The first place belongs to the Savage B-Mag Rifle developed by one of the greatest industry brands – the Savage Firearms company. More Guns. While the .22 WMR is hot for a rimfire, it still can't match the .22 Hornet's velocities. And all are currently available for buying in various firearm shops. A rock chuck taken with a .17 HMR. In the case of 17 HMR, the bullet trajectory is fully flat to 100 yards (due to its high velocity), but there’s a huge drop in the case of 22 LR. If you’re the guy looking for amazing accuracy at distances up to 125 yards and want to hunt down the small critters, then 17HMR is the best choice. Hi, thanks for commenting.