Confidence In Movement believes that by sweating with a purpose through a cathartic fitness experience, people can achieve anything. Fitness, more specifically the idea of purposeful sweat is a precursor to how successful people will be when they face daily challenges and adversity. The personal confidence one gains through sweating is limitless and unquantifiable. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned athlete, our specially designed fitness programs are constructed in such a way that every person regardless of fitness level will discover something about themselves they otherwise did not know. We use the following fitness vehicles to strengthen our core foundations, mind, body & soul:


Gentle / Stretching: The importance of recovery and moving the body through space in a controlled and deliberate motion.
Cardio Flow Yoga: A high intensity yoga class designed to bring heat to the body to take that stretch a bit deeper and to elicit mind / body connection. Breath work is used to calm the mind during challenging situations.

HIIT Training:
Individual Based Class: done to prepare the body to push beyond its normal limits and to build speed, endurance and strength. When the game is on the line, the well-conditioned athlete is bound to be the victor.
Team and Partner Bootcamp: Designed to encourage participants to work together in pairs or groups to understand the power of motivation, teamwork and inspiration. Done in sports specific drills to keep with the theme of camp.
Through the use of these carefully created Yoga and HIIT training programs there is something for everyone. We incorporate both types of classes in our program because they balance each other having a “yin-yang” effect. Each fitness program is crafted with a specific theme which runs throughout, in order to deliver that cathartic experience that will take participants through both a thought provoking and euphoric experience. Sweat is the human body’s natural way of not only cooling itself down but also releasing toxins. Each of us experiences stress, conflict, insecurities, etc in our lives…our fitness programs are designed to release those “toxins” that hold us back from reaching personal greatness.