Empowering the greatest person from within comes from a willingness and opportunity to put in some honest, hard work. In cultivating the whole-self, Confidence In Movement knows that the written word is a vessel to achieving greatness. All sessions include the use of personal journaling, reflection, and if possible a silent dialogue with our coaches. Fitness and the energy it unleashes can be inspiring. We know that writing is the perfect way to harness that invigorating energy while pairing it with a safe space for people to be themselves, love themselves, and openly share with others.

Due to the unique nature of our personalized program and the needs of various organizations, our curriculum evolves based on the needs and goals or each group. Some commonalities that are part of our core values are threaded through into all of our programs are:
  • Safe, inspiring, and powerful sweat sessions with a pointed theme and focus
  • Seminar sessions and presentations with motivational speaking  and guest speakers related to the theme of the fitness session
  • Motivational film clips centered around concepts being explored as a group and to elicit discussion
  • Small group and partner work, sessions, coaching, and sharing
  • Full group discussions facilitated by coaching staff
  • Community circle
  • Personal written reflections and ‘takeaways’ from seminar sessions