Our Mission

Confidence In Movement’s main purpose is to use the cathartic nature of sweat and fitness along with mindful introspective work to assist individuals of all ages to elevate themselves to reach their greatest potential without sacrificing their truest self.

What we offer

Confidence In Movement focuses on core principles steeped in maximizing participants’ potentials through yoga, fitness, guided meditations, community circles, journaling, and tangible goal setting. Our program truly is for everyone. We encourage healthy living through development of the whole self. We believe that personal growth and development occurs through a two pronged approach: Bring the gift of loving oneself from the inside by facilitating confidence through energetic and powerful fitness classes set to a targeted theme.
Utilize a reflective component embedded in the coaching and class structure, teaching children, teens and adults how to manifest their wildest dreams and work towards goals. We teach people that it is ok to fail in order to succeed. It is ok to be vulnerable in order to grow, and most of all, we teach people how to set goals to strive for greater achievements instead of just dreaming of what could be.


Empowering the greatest person from within comes from a willingness and opportunity to put in some
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Whether you are a summer camp, school, university, or large corporation; Confidence In Movement’s program is
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Health starts with taking care of the greatest gift we are given–our bodies. This means nourishing
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We believe that everything in life stems from having a healthy mind and relationship with self.
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Confidence In Movement believes that by sweating with a purpose through a cathartic fitness  experience ,
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The Team


Greg Cohen has been a fitness instructor for over 12 years in both New York and Los Angeles. He has always been an athlete, attending college as an NCAA Division I wrestler. His passion for fitness continued to grow by becoming an instructor in various fitness disciplines such as cycling, kickboxing, and other HIIT formats.

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Arielle Cohen has been teaching fitness in the greater Los Angeles area for 4 years. After finding yoga and indoor cycling in 2011, she set out to bring bold tunes, challenging workouts, and a dose of inspiration to the masses.Growing up in the world of sports like soccer, lacrosse, running, and Crossfit; Arielle was always active in some form or another.


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Motivational Music

Music is fuel for our soul. At Confidence In Movement we believe a carefully curated playlist can inspire so much more than a kickass workout; but can be responsible for sparking lasting changes in one’s life. Here are some tunes we can’t get enough of at the moment.

Let’s Get Physical

In a rush? Don’t have a full hour to get to the gym? Don’t have access to fancy gym equipment? Well we got your back. Workouts can come in many different styles, time increments and can be done almost anywhere. In this section, Confidence In Movement provides you with a short but intense monthly workout to fire up your metabolism or just to help you sweat.

Mindful Mantras

Our mind is a powerful tool, even more powerful than our bodies! Our body can do unimaginable things when we align our head and heart with our physical-selves; so finding what we call Mindful Mantras to uplift you during tough times will help you find the courage to carry on. Pick one a day to repeat quietly to yourself as a type of affirmation. Medidate on a specific

What’s Cookin’?

People view food in many different ways. For some of us it is comfort, for others it is a necessity, but for all of us food is fuel. Food and proper nutrition is what helps that furnace inside of us burn bright to help us through our workouts and our long days at work. Click here for a recipe and tips on proper nutrition that are sure to light your tastebuds on fire and make your.

Fun Fitness Facts

Visualization can help you improve your workout. By visualizing yourself complete the exercises before you actually perform it, then you will be able to perform the exercise with more intensity and effectiveness.